Current Exhibitions

Jonathan Mossop: Crowtemplation
July 3rd - 30th, 2008
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New Work / Celebrating Asian Heritage
Miyuki Shinkai, Naoko Takenouchi & Ikuyo Yamanaka

Group Exhibition
May 5th through 30th, 2005
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Oompapa Oktoberfest: Beer Mugs & Steins
Group Exhibition
October 16th through 30th, 2004

Jeina Morosoff - Sculptural Works
September 2nd through October 4th, 2004
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Past Exhibitions

One Bubble: Blown Glass by Sol Maya
June 5th through 28th, 2004
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New-Small & Sterling Studio Glass Celebrate 20 Years Together: 1983-2003

Then & Now: Alumni Exhibition
August 20th - September 20th, 2003

In the summer of 2003 we celebrated 20 years on Granville Island with a big party and exhibition of glass. We asked all of the artists who had been involved with the studio over the years to submit two pieces; one from when they worked in the studio, and one current piece. Over 20 artists participated, and the show was a real success.

It was a thrill to have such an interesting exhibit, and to bring the whole community together again. Gary Bolt wrote and article for the Glass Arts Association of Canada newsletter Glasswire, and snapped some pictures as well.

Hmm, our 25th anniversary isn't long off now... good excuse for a party!

Novella: New Work in Glass by Holly Cruise
June 7th - July 7th, 2003

Based on pulp fiction novel covers, Holly created three installations for this debut solo exhibition.

High-heel boots and sexy female torsos for the "Shameless Hussy" installation, sparkling sombreros, cowboy boots and hats for "El Bandito", and hot sculpted Robots and UFO's for "Menacing Robots from Outer Space" combined to make a really fun exhibition.

Featuring the collaborative "Space Reliquary" series by Holly Cruise and David New-Small. Click HERE to see images from the exhibit.

Molten Obsessions
Contemporary Canadian Glass Beads
September 14th Through October 15th, 2002
at New-Small & Sterling Studio Glass
1440 Old Bridge Street
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC

Featuring hand made glass beads from over 40 artists from across Canada. First National exhibition of glass beads, featuring artists such as Joy Jubenvill, Nicole Carlson, Joanne Andrighetti, Barrie Edwards, Amy Johnson, and many more.

Clockwise from left: Connie Paul, Cindy Zimmer, Amy Johnson, Kirsty Naray, Sheila Pansegrau.
Photos by Louise Motloch.

Glass and Light from David New-Small
Through October 1st, 2002
at Circle Craft Gallery
1666 Johnston Road
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC

Featuring David's new line of architectural lighting design. Wall mounted and table lamps made from solid sculpted glass.